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, spirituale anteriore.
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Arcto Promo!
spirituale davanti!
P.s. )):
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Spiritual front 's 'Song for the old man' will be the official opening for the new Jean-Marc VallΓ©e 'DALLAS BUYERS CLUB'
with Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto

Dopo il grande successo ottenuto allβ??XIΒ° Premio Roma Videoclip,
il videoclip degli Spiritual Front diretto da Carlo Roberti ed interpretato da Gianni Garko,
il mitico Sartana, sarΓ  in testa al film di Jean-Marc VallΓ©e sicuro trionfatore agli Oscar 2014
per le migliori interpretazioni maschili, che vede Matthew McConaughey nei panni di un cowboy razzista
e malato di AIDS suo malgrado costretto ad una bizzarra alleanza con il travestito
interpretato dalla rockstar Jared Leto.
Sabato 1 febbraio alle 22.00 lβ??attore Gianni Garko
il regista Carlo Roberti e Simone Salvatori, leader degli Spiritual Front,
incontreranno il pubblico in sala per illustrare lβ??iniziativa.

Hi guys
Pre orders open for Spiritual Front - Open Wounds LP,
first 50 copies come in a super limited silkscreen art edition,
signed by Simone Salvatori ,graphic design by Scarful
and hand-numbered by Alessandro Adriani from Mannequin Records.
Pre order your copy here:

Here comes the next Spiritual front/Simone h. concerts (more gigs will be added soon!)

17/18 january β?? Leon (Mexico) Raro Mundo (solo)
7 february - Genova (Italy) (solo)
8 february β?? Cannes (France) Industrial festival (solo)
14 february - Lucca (Italy) ex wide (solo)
29 march β?? Poznan (Poland) Pawilon Nowa Gazownia
11 april - Padova (Italy)
12 april - Firenze @Cpa (Italy)
25 april - Moscow @ "Teatr" (Russia)
26 april - St. Petersburg @ "DaDa" (Russia)
28 april - Odessa (Ukraine)
29 april - Harkov (Ukraine)
10 may - Vilnius (Lithuania) Akivarai
11 may β?? Minsk (Belarus)
31 may β?? Mexico City (Mexico) (solo)
17-18 october β?? Leipzig (Germany) Runes and men festival

For further infos please email us at spiritualfront@yahoo.com

Hi guys
Simone h. will perform as sol in Leon (Mexico) on 17&18 of Januay @ Mundo raro,
on 31 in Pisa (Italy) @ ex wide, 7 feb Genova( Italy) @Music Club, 8 feb Cannes (France) @MJC Picaud
Pre orders open for Spiritual Front - Open Wounds LP,
first 50 copies come in a super limited silkscreen art edition by Alessandro Scarful Maida,
signed by Simone Salvatori and hand-numbered by Alessandro Adriani from Mannequin Records.
Email us for further infos: spiritualfront@yahoo.com !!!
The very special ‘Open wounds’ edition will be available together
with the Mishima t shirt (edited by the german Hate you)!!!

Hell.o, during the next days I'll be in tour with Death in june.
Come out and join us on:
7th dec Halle,Germany secret location
9th dec London, Uk Underworld
10th dec Prague, Czech Rep, Chapeau rouge
11st dec Copenhagen, Denmark, Steangade
14th dec Roma, Italy, Orion Club (we'll perform as Black hearts in black suits)
22nd dec Utrecht, Netherlands, Tivoli

Spiritual front's black hearts in black suits teaser! Enjoy!

Ext concerts n more with Spiritual front/Simone h.
(Russia, Uk, France, Mexico, Poland, Czech rep., Denmark, France, Netherlands, Italy, Germany):

7 nov Blubemolle, Sarno (Sa) Italy
8 nov Officine Sonore, Lamezia (Italy)
9 nov BlueDahlia, Marina di Gioiosa Jonica (Rc) Italy
15 nov Zoobar, Roma dj set
29 nov Zoobar, Roma dj set
22 nov Latina, Italia sottoscala
30 nov Alberobello, Bari ,Italia
1 dec Nina tattoo studio Albano Laziale, Roma
7 dec Halle, Germany secret location (solo with Death in june)
9 dec London, Uk Chapel Union (solo with Death in june)
10 dec Prague, Czech Rep, Chapeau rouge (solo with Death in june)
11 dec Copenhagen, Denmark, Steangade (solo with Death in june)
14 dec Roma, Italy, Orion Club as Black hearts in black suits (with Death in june)
20 dec Zoobar, Roma dj set
22 dec Utrecht, Netherlands, Tivoli (solo with Death in june)
27 dec Zoobar club, Roma dj set
17 jan Leon, Mexico, Mosquito club (solo with Rome)
7 feb Genova, Italy, Music Club, 261 solo
8 feb Cannes, France, MJC Picaud, solo with Leather strip and more
5 apr Poznan, Poland acoustic set
25 apr Moscow, Russia,Teatr
27 apr St. Petersburg, Russia, DaDa More gigs will be added soon

plus some pics from our latest gig in Minsk


A collaboration born of a long separation.
Seven years after the highly acclaimed ARMAGEDDON GIGOLO, Simone Salvatori and Stefano Puri once again find their paths crossing.
BLACK HEARTS IN BLACK SUITS is the result of three years of work,
composed by Stefano Puri specifically for SPIRITUAL FRONT,
with Simone Salvatori lending his voice and interpretation (as intense and charismatic as ever) to the composer's music.
The poems of Reiner Werner Fassbinder are given new light as they materialize into musical form
as Stefano Puri sits at the piano and joins Simone Salvatori on a voyage of no return.
The SYMPOSIUM ENSEMBLE and the BLACK HEARTS CHOIR round out the endeavor.
The composer's writing - in one moment minimal and introspective, in the next dark and theatrical
- follows ancestral pathways along which the singers voice moves between intimacy and majesty,
between heavy chords and light harmonies, between airy string passages and obscure choral harmonies.
A concept album more akin to an opera than to the traditional LP, BLACK HEARTS IN BLACK SUITS
is a fascinating symphonic journey that takes us through the darkest nihilistic sides of both
the composer and the icon of "Suicide Pop".

From Franz Schubert to Nick Cave, Michael Nyman to David Tibet, from Arvo PΓ?rt to Marc Almond... with no way back.
The album will be available in 4 different formats:
Digipack CD,Colored vinyl 299 copies with unreleased songs, Limited Box (299 copies) Contains:
2CD, Postcard, Sticker, Silver Heart Pendant, Black Velvet Bag.

Ultra Limited Deluxe Bag (Only 99 Copies!) Contains:
Limited Colored Vinyl , Limited Box, 2CD, Bonus CD, Postcard, Sticker, Silver Heart Pendant,
Poster, Black Velvet Bag, Certificate Of Authenticity.

Some pics of our latest gigs at Chapeau rouge club (Prague)
and at Ncn fest (Deutzen/leipzig).

Here you can also find an interview related to the Entremuralhas festival.
Next week the band will play in Minsk (Bielorussia) on 21th saturday at the re public club

Hell.o folks weβ??d like to thank all the fans who joined the Leiria festival in Portugal,
plus the many fans who still continue to send us their lovely pics with Spiritual front merchandise!!!
Thank you for ur nevernding love and support!
These are the next confirmed gigs in September:
- Czech republic, Prague 6th of September
- Chapeau rouge Germany, Deutzen 7th of September
- Nocturnal culture night Festival Belarus, Minsk 21th of September Re public club

Iβ??m also glad to announce you that we finished to mix the upcoming β?Spiritual frontβ??s Black hearts in black suitsβ??,
a fantastic chamber decadent pop opera recorded together
with the talented composer Stefano Puri (yea, the one who did with me β?Armageddon Gigoloβ?? in 2006),
if you want a reference, well, I can tell you that itβ??s something between Kurt Weil,
Abba and Current 93!
Weβ??ll post some previews soon!

Spiritual Front "Song for the old man" Official Videoclip IS OUT!!!!!!!!

SPIRITUAL FRONT β?? Open Wounds [limited collectorβ??s set]
T-Shirt + 2C BOOK out 3th of May β?¬ 33
pre order: spiritualfront@yahoo.com

Open Wounds (lim. Hardback Book + 2CD)
Songs are like open wounds.

Music can hurt. Can strike new wounds and tear up old ones. No one is more aware of this than β??SIMONE HELLVISβ?? SALVATORI.
His feverish music is a diary of his failures and triumphs, a deep scar running through his work.
He finds pleasure in the pain it causes him, sheds tears for the lust it evokes in him.
Like an Italian JOHNNY CASH, he clads his life in intimate ballads of becoming and withering, of sex and death.
SPIRITUAL FRONT is the Folk Noir crossbreed of ENNIO MORRICONE and NICK CAVE β?? Suicide Pop from a decadent otherworld.

Where secret passions are whispered into darkness, where dream and waking, intoxication and hangover dance closely, β??Open Woundsβ?? feels at home: Morbid Mafia folklore for hedonistic self-destructors, murder ballads for decadent lotus-eaters.
Like a heavy red wine, SPIRITUAL FRONTβ?s music gets better and better over the years β?? ever more exhilarating, ever more effective.
As if SIMONE SALVATORI had to reach a certain age to understand his music properly.
As if he had to accept that living means suffering. Now, the erotic enchantment of his masterpiece β??Armageddon Gigoloβ?? is back.
On β??Open Woundsβ??, it mates with delicate prowess and baffling arrangements that would invoke envy in every Mafia orchestra.

Sacred profoundness turns to sweaty sheets when SIMONE SALVATORI sings for his soul, when he trembles, hope, loves, suffers and lives.
The machismo and his guitar, joined by the orchestra - β??Open Woundsβ?? is the epitome of Suicide Pop.
Sexy to the brim, sensual even in the face of certain death, full of whipping urgency.
To this, the bonus CD comes as a sharply acentuated contrast, uniting instrumentals, alternate versions and stunning reworks:
A calm and very moody view into the artistic life of this abyssic gigolo.
This second album is like the cuddling after the all-consuming act of love that is β??Open Woundsβ?? - and SPIRITUAL FRONT is the lover
that disappears before dawn. Only a dream? The wounds tell a different story.

Limited 2CD Special Edition:

Double-CD in book format (appr. 14 x 21 cm)
Bonus-CD with 11 tracks
Hardback book with elaborate thread stitching
40-pages extra-booklet, precious artprint on high-quality paper
Strictly limited to 2,000 copies

Soulgambler, Hey Boy, Song For The Old Man, The Devourment Of The Will, Delation/I Live Through You,
Autopsy Of A Love, We Could Fail Again, Nectar On Your Lips, A Long Summer For The Dog Of Satan, Eucharist Of Sodomy

Autopsy Of A Denied Love, The Indulgent Waltz, Soulgambler Theme, The Bent Invocation,
Nectar Like Lips, Letter From Guyana, Hey Frail Boy, The Forth Summer, We Could Lie Again, Purple Cross House, Promise Like Bullet

CAT#/FORMAT: TRI 476 CD / CD only
EAN CODE: 4260063944765

RELEASE DATE: May, 3rd 2013


SPIRITUAL FRONT β?? Open Wounds (Limited Collectorβ??s Set: Hardback Book + 2CD plus T-Shirt)
For the die-hard fans!
The new limited 2CD plus a wonderful t-shirt of the leading Suicide Pop band.

SPIRITUAL FRONT lettering, lovers and skull


White on black t-shirt

100% cotton

S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL

This item can be bought by pre-order ONLY until April, 15th 2013!

7 february - Genova (Italy) (solo)
8 february β?? Cannes (France) Industrial festival (solo)
14 february - Lucca (Italy) ex wide (solo)
29 march β?? Poznan (Poland) Pawilon Nowa Gazownia
11 april - Padova (Italy)
12 april - Firenze @Cpa (Italy)
25 april - Moscow @ "Teatr" (Russia)
26 april - St. Petersburg @ "DaDa" (Russia)
28 april - Odessa (Ukraine)
29 april - Harkov (Ukraine)
10 may - Vilnius (Lithuania) Akivarai
11 may β?? Minsk (Belarus)
31 may β?? Mexico City (Mexico) (solo)
17-18 october β?? Leipzig (Germany) Runes and men festival

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