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Today’s Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s birthday. The great German director, writer and actor would turn 70 today. Fassbinder’s motion pictures have a big impact on SPIRITUAL FRONT music. In fact without Fassbinder we could probably never hear of SPIRITUAL FRONT.

You can find a lot of links to his movies in SF-songs. Starting with the video-remake for the song “Sad almost a winner” finishing with the great longplay “Black Hearts in Black Suits”, totally inspired and dedicated to Fassbinder. “I wrote the lyrics inspired by his characters, by his stories, even because in his movies you can always find some of your life,” – said Simone about the “BHIBS”-interview.

Here’s what Simone told about his passion for Fassbinder:

I confess, I’ve always been a big fan of cinema, I knew his works by name but I never went deeper cause I always thought he did…something like boring, gaunt kraut cinema, but I was wrong, his cinema changed my life definitely and my way to consider life and cinema too, it  was  another fundamental ‘starting point’  for SPIRITUAL FRONT.

The first movie I watched was ‘Querelle’, suggested by  I girl I usually dated that period, it was the first year of university, she told me ‘OMG, your attitude reminds me the Fassbinder movies, you should watch Querelle!’ I was impressed, she was so right, hahahaha.

My favorite films by Fassbinder are: ‘Querelle’, ‘Fox and his friends’, ‘One year with 13 moons’.

I can find something of myself in many of his characters, he told us real, deep, intimate stories, we always can tragically find a little portion of ourselves in them…

About the Fassbinder’s portrait-tattoo: It was painful but it worth, I’m very proud of it, I wanted to dedicate part of my body to him, he gave me something special and I wanted to homage him.

One of the common theme between SF and Fassbinder’s movies is the morbid relations between who control and who obey, especially in the love relationship, the sick relations that grow when 2 people start to need each other, and nothing change if you are the master of slave, we always need something where to lead our violence, frustrations, or even happiness or desire, this is our limit.

Fassbinder shows us how our nature is ridiculous and wretched, how our mean middle class fake ideals.

Talking about the relationships between Fassbinder and his muse Hanna Shygulla, “he found something of himself in her, it sounds absurd”. “I always thought about it, she represented a sort of  highest femininity standard. They were the perfect combination, the perfect alchemy,” – said Simone. However, “who’s the person could have a long term relationship with him? He was so severe, extreme, humoral, hard to deal with, he had many dark side, I can t blame her if she never told him about maternity, well, I’m pretty sure he was great man, but living with him, sounds so extreme. It’s hard to combine the lives of such artists like them. It could be a time bomb!”

Probably he put in his cinema all his anger, love and everything. If you read his biography you can notice his life was full of death, abandons, uncertain paths etc…I mean it does justify you from selfdestructive attitude, drug and alcohol addiction, but sometimes they could sound as an alibi. I just think he had a extreme will to live, to communicate, he couldn’t wait his senility he couldn’t wait any longer.

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