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Touch me now while I still don’t know your name but just the heat of your hands
I won’t resist cause I know I love you without knowing anything about you
I’ll give you everything because I love the way you ask me for it
You can free what’s pushing you from inside
You can plunge into my abyss if you want…
But please please please do it now

I have the urge to love you
I have the urge to feel you inside

This is the darkroom friendship
A friendship made of flesh and lust
Flesh that tastes of our white tears lives and regrets

Oh oh another push another breath
Oh oh A flame that tastes of your sex

You stripped me of my instincts
What does living taste like when youre hiding from yourself?
I want to chose my fate cause I want to be in your condemnations
The ones that have the taste of your lips
I can’t see the ties that bind us
But I can feel the knife that scars me
Impress the seal of your mouth upon me dig deep deep inside

I have the urge to love you
I have the urge to feel you inside

This is the darkroom friendship
A friendship made of flesh and lust
Flesh that tastes of our white tears lives and regrets

Oh oh another push another breath
Oh oh A flame that tastes of your sex

Your mouth is the fire that knows how to swallow me
You keep me as a slave of your flesh I feel like I can’t pull away from you
But inside I hate you ’cause I don’t know how resist you
Cause you’re the failure of my will
Or maybe I’d just like… I’d like to be you

I feel your full heart beats but that sound means nothing to me now
I feel your cruel heart close to me but it is just blackmail without pride

I’ve learned to surrender so I’d feel alive and devour you
To feel your presence vibrate in me, hold me, love me anyway
Cause I know how to make you experience your filthy self
Grip my hand and take me to the gallows the ones we built
I chose them with you

I’ll offer myself to you only when I know
I’ve been condemned
I’ll be free of myself liberated by the torture I chose
Proud of my punishment the pain of still
Feeling alive for once in my life

Learn to live without
Being loved to give up your aspirations
This is a world that’s scared of your dreams
That scared of your hidden truth
That’s why it will degrade you
Make you into a common man
You’ll hide your desire to exist
Call it love if you want but it’s just something brutal

But I just implore you to kill me
And make my own erotic sacrifice
I just implore you to stay
And kill that stupid pride
That makes me feel a man

We looked for a common motive
That would make us forget the selfishness of our flesh
A sense of security that spoke about us but nothing more
I bear the signs of your coming on my back
To desire is to suffer I bear the signs of your coming on my neck
To desire is to be weak

Blood on my fist and seed on your lips
While my breath soils the purity of this annoying silence
I am the sentence and the absolution
The highest sun and your greatest regret
I stand and I dare you to watch

Hoping you’re the only girl in my life
Hoping the world will forget you
Isolating you to love you
More the witness to our infected wounds

Kiss the girls and make them die
It’s the only way you can survive
God forgive me if I tell you how to hide it

Come closer and listen to my words
I’ll confess my weakness to you
Will you understand and arm them despite me
I’ll show you the lines of my crying
Just trying to squeeze a drop of pity out of you
But inflame my desire

I lost everything to serve you
I bow my head, I was humiliated
Just to follow you
Just to for a scrap of your glory

Look at these hands
Look at this scarred face
And read the hate between these wounds

Where was my father when I was growing up?
Where was my god when I was suffering?

The days of anger will be the light of my revenge
Why did I believe in you?
Why did I believe your truth?
The days of anger are the courage to rebel
The days of anger are the courage to kill without remorse

You saved me by forcing me to believe in you
You convinced me to be a man
Just to kill at your side
Where is the victory that never comes?

Tell my kids I tried to fight
Tell my kids I died because I tried to do it
Tell those I died but I never turned my back

German boys hide a pain that makes them so terribly charming
And their mouth hold secrets I can’t
I cannot even get close to
Their smell clings to these sheets
Like your saliva on my skin
Will you try to save me when I’m hanging by the neck?

Loneliness in Germany is more painful than anywhere else
Loving is like any other action you start and the desire comes after

German boys dance with boots on
German boys make love in uniforms
Their hearts discharge beats of love
Crushing love of lust and blood

German boys give me caresses and steel
And their bodies march trough petals and rain
Will you try to save me?
Save me while my life deserts me

Believe me when I say there’ll be no other men
Believe me if I say I cannot wait any longer

We’re two drifters, two lovers with no scrap of future
A dying couple on the dank streets of Lisbon
Will our fear be enough to make us feel alive?
Why am I trying to live through you?

Would you like kids, Odete?
Motherhood means giving up some of your life
Your hands are beautiful, Odete
Touch me but now let me lose myself

My life so empty that gives nothing more
Than the days spent with you
I feel your hysterical jerking of my hips
I’m trying to believe you, touching your lips

Please, please tell me, Odete
Could you replace your lover with me?
Convincing yourself to love is the
To love is the hardest thing

You’ll dance on my grave
And you’ll fuck my soul
You have the right to lie to me too
I spy on you and envy the love that bound you

I want to try to understand where
The joy starts n fades
Death didn’t take him away
Relieve him through me

I’m vulgar, I’m crazy and I’m loving you
C’mon Odete
Sleep on my tomb

Kneel down when they tell you the traitor to adore
But do you really want to close your eyes?
Look at them and don’t say a word
Look at the hypocrisy of honor and sacrifice itself

The greatest way forward is with enlightened men
But what do they really leave behind?
The figure of a god that already stinks like carrion
And a ridiculous belief of morality

The amazing dream that makes me destroy myself
So be it long live death mine and yours

May I be first to die
If I can take you with me
To the hell of the black dogs of Mexico
May I be first to die
Why does the enemy’s corpse?
Why does it smell so good?

Marching through the deserts of a wasteland
May the sun of this forgotten land burn our skin
Why pardon and mercy?
Why trust in a stupid, senseless false redemption?

No more pity now I want to bury you a few fucking feet underground
Get down on your knees
Get down on your knees corpses
Don’t cast shadows don’t

I’ll listen to your tired steps
Your baby will wait for you
There’s a perfect shining fire
That lights your way

I hide myself behind your black elegant suit
Watching the furious river of life
Running through you
The cruel river of history is rolling into your chest

Why did you believe in god?
There is no heaven to thank
Why did you believe in America?
There’s just a mouth of fire to kiss

I’m not taking my guns to town
Dad, I don’t have chains around my feet again
Just a four coins Jesus icon in my pocket
And ticket for a place I’ll never know

The anger of America bleeds from your hands
The faith of America sleeps in your chest
No revenge, no blessing

The violence will keep us together
Blood as the seal of our burning love
The brotherhood of those who chose the war
Challenge me if you want to be in me

Try to hit me if you want to get close to me
How can you still stand life?
Sex is a different form of oppression
Being charmed by the flesh only to be defeated by it

I want to learn to live inside
You learn suffer and bear the scars
In the ecstasy of the fight
I feel your body’s perfect moves

Bareknuckle boy
I’m your angel when the blood runs your face
And you’re ready to strike
Bareknuckle boy
I’m your angel when god condemns your revenge

You will only dominate me if you’re really resolute
With a wound to the face
You’ll understand the laws of this world
And those who impose them

Your tensed up body
The only ruthless weapon that can subdue them
Leave your mark of fire on me
Only strike when you’re ready to accept yourself

In which way would you like to be a man?
In which way would you like to be a woman?

Are you really afraid to come close to me?
Move your hair and bring your mouth closer
Let your saliva slide down my sex
And watch while I’ll do the same

There’s nothing outside
That can be more important than us now
But I know that you will lie to me
When your desire for me disappears

Please hold me tighter, my cruel lover of vanity and plague
Let the thought of my submission be stronger
Than the law that rules your world

Love is so cold when you try to give it a face
But love is so vulgar when you have tried to survive

I will destroy the monster of memory from my sterile brain
Forget me if you want and arm the tactic of oblivion and masturbation

The echo of your heels in my ears is of mild excitement
Your tempting promise has no more fascination
You will forget my name, I’m sure

Taste my body to know my long dark past
Please console me now like no one else can
You say someone somewhere loves me
But they are not here now and it’s not you
Touch me and make me believe I am important to you
Or maybe being screwed make me feel so loved

I’m so pale when I try to conquer you
So silly to be convinced that your are mine or am I fool?

Oh god, this is the last chance
I have to meet the boy I saw
To meet the boy I loved

Walk on but don’t ever leave me alone
‘Cause you symbolize the attractive certainty of your sex
Can’t you see this desperate feeling inside of me?
Behind the dirty face for your love

There’s a place

I know you will be back
But I don’t want to know about your past
I’d love you
Either if you were the last tricksy rent boy
Or if were the very last whore in town

Don’t convince me
There’ll be other men
Other after you
But I’ll keep a place
And a doubt in my overkilled heart

Released: November 16, 2015

Acoustic Guitar – Simone H. Salvatori
Artwork By [Cover Painting] – C.C. Askew
Artwork By [Graphics, Illustrations], Layout – Paolo Soellner
Bass – Federico Amorosi
CGI Artist [Dvd Authoring] – Goffredo Passi
Drums – Andrea Freda
Electric Guitar – Giorgio Maria Condemi
Photography [Band] – Marco Soellner
Vocals – Simone H. Salvatori


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