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The accident with the cancelation of the concert in Athens made a huge impression on Spiritual Front. Any kind of deprivation of the free speech has no excuse! Spiritual Front played in many other countries, including eastern Europe, where there are a lot of problems with human rights, but never did the musicians had any troubles because of this.
And here is another statement about the Athens’ accident:

“Athens deeper!!
So…it seems that all the accusations/blaming etc etc were addressed to other bands and people involved in the same greek event BUT not to Spiritual front! thank God this time stupidity flew over us. Nothing changes when it comes ‘Free speech’, nothing changes my opinion about those who spend their time being cocky behind a rusty pc sending senseless sentences around the world ruining other people lives (reputation, work, event or whatever), it’s ridiculous and coward. Move your asses and show us your names and faces, idiot fuckin’ wankers!!!!”

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