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Spiritual Front plays The Smiths

Hello, we just started to work on our new album as Spiritual Front plays The Smiths, the upcoming release will contain some of their classics re/arranged à la Spiritual Front, the tracklist is still a surprise, but, if you wanna know more about this sort of pleasant diversion, you can come to join us in Rome, Madrid and Barcelona, where we'll soon perform this specific show. Don't forget to save these dates, and if u wanna book the band (and its related projects) or simply gather more infos, please contact: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.
“Spiritual01.02.19 Roma (Italy)
22.02.19 Madrid (Spain)
23.02.19 Barcelona (Spain)
08.03.19 Krakow (Poland)
09.03.19 Warsaw (Poland)
15.03.19 Torino (Italy)
16.03.19 Parma (Italy)
18.04.19 Kharkhov (Ukraine)
19.04.19 Kiev (Ukraine)
20.04.19 L'viv (Ukraine)
21.04.19 Odessa (Ukraine)
27.04.19 Helsinki (Finland)

2019 gigs

Are you ready for the 2019? Save the dates:
01.02.19 Roma (Italy)
22.02.19 Madrid (Spain)
23.02.19 Barcelona (Spain)
08.03.19 Krakow (Poland)
09.03.19 Warsaw (Poland)
and soon...Ukraine, Germany, Finland, Italy, Portugal and more...
stay tuned. stay dead.
SF in Moscow


SPIRITUAL FRONT live in Germany, Switzerland, Russia,Italy, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Greece
22.09.18 Athens (Greece) Death disco SF live
28.09.18 Bologna (Italy) Covo SF live
29.09.18 Carpe Diem(Italy) Sant’ Angelo in Vado Simone h. solo
05.10.18 St Petersburg (Russia) club Mod SF live
06.10.18 Moskow (Russia) Zil arena SF live
07.10.18 Moskow (Russia) Zil arena SF plays The Smiths 
12.10.18 Leipzig (Germany) Felsenkeller SF live
13.10. 18 Berlin (Germany) Urban spree SF live
19.10.18 Lisbon (Portugal) Sabotage SF plays The Smiths
20.10.18 Leiria (Portugal)Stereogun  SF plays The Smiths
27.10.18 Hilden (Germany) Area 51 SF live
09.11.18 Barcelona (Spain) Rock Sound SF plays The Smiths
10.11.18 Madrid (Spain) Wurltizer Ballroom SF plays The Smiths
17.11.18 Milano (Italy) Sound club SF live
24.11.18 Geneva (Switzerland) Bouffon Simone H. solo set
26.11.18 Nuremberg (Germany) CANCELED
30.11.18 Bucarest (Romania) Club Quantic SF live
01.12.18 Bucarest (Romania) Club Quantic SF plays The Smiths
29.12.18 Lindau (Germany) Dome SF live
Info/booking:  Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

It's with bitter regret that we must announce the cancellation of the Nuremberg show. Due to lack of reliability of Der Cult club, we are forced to cancel the November 26th event.

Simone Salvatori: "To me sex is more than entertainment"

Beautiful Russian speakers be aware of the fresh interview with Simone Salvatori, which you can read at Simone told about his attitude to work in the studio, if you can compare Morrissey and Cave, and how ot to let it drag you down, if you have to deal with corpses every day.

Also save the dates for the concerts in your city:
22.09.18 Athens (Greece) Death disco SF live
28.09.18 Bologna (Italy) Covo SF live
05.10.18 St Petersburg (Russia) club Mod SF live
06.10.18 Moskow (Russia) Zil arena SF live
07.10.18 Moskow (Russia) Zil arena SF plays The Smiths and Moz
12.10.18 Leipzig (Germany) Felsenkeller SF live
13.10. 18 Berlin (Germany) Urban spree SF live
19.10.18 Lisbon (Portugal) SF plays The Smiths
20.10.18 Leiria (Portugal) SF plays The Smiths
26.10.18 Nuremberg  (Germany) der Cult SF plays The Smiths
27.10.18 Hilden (Germany) SF live
09.11.18 Barcelona (Spain) Rock Sound SF plays The Smiths
10.11.18 Madrid (Spain) Wurltizer Ballroom SF plays The Smiths
17.11.18 Milano (Italy) Sound club SF live
30.11.18 Bucarest (Romania) Club Quantic SF live
01.12.18 Bucarest (Romania) Club Quantic SF plays The Smiths
29.12.18 Lindau (Germany) Dome SF live

Disaffection video

Disaffection is the latest official "on the road" video by SPIRITUAL FRONT from the current album Amour Braque.
Edited by Carlo Roberti 
Released by Prophecy Productions


Amour Braque pre-order

PRE-ORDER of the long awaited new studio album AMOUR BRAQUE is on NOW!
Three different formats as well as a new T-Shirt-design!
Check out all the items and reserve your copy, following this link.

Armageddon Gigolo reissue pre-order

PRE-ORDER the reissue of the legendary Armageddon Gigolo!
Three different formats, limited edition, as well as a new T-Shirt-design.
Check out all the items and reserve your copy, following this link.

BHIBS limited edition

The limited edition of the BLACK HEARTS IN BLACK SUITS is available in the our shop.
To get a 180 gram vinyl and a poster follow this link. Shipping included.

Armageddon Gigolo played in the cave of Balve

​SPIRITUAL FRONT was a part of the PROPHECY FESTIVAL, which took place on July, 28-29th in Germany. This was a very special show in all the ways. Starting with the location, finishing with the set-list. SF shared the stage with Solstafir and the others in the Balve Cave. SF played a special ARMAGEDDON GIGOLO set to celebrate the re-release of their iconig album.
Thank you for the ten (well, let 's say 11) remarkable years of warmth, friendship, and sick passion! Celebrating 'Armageddon Gigolo' in the cave of Balve was such an incredible experience.We definitely couldn't have done it without you!! Thank for being so supportive, thanx to Prophecy for taking the risk of re printing this album too ::)))


Re-release of Armageddon Gigolo

Good news for the lovers of 'Armageddon Gigolo'!
Yesterday we finished to work on the re-issue of AG which is a double CD now: the old beloved one plus an extra CD with demos and original versions remastered, 3 covers (Marc Almond, Venom and The Walker Brothers), and many extra tracks.
It will be available as 2CD digipack and vinyl via Prophecy records soon...very soon...let's say after this dirty black summer!



We are sorry, for reasons beyond our control, we've been forced to postpone this gig, we'll keep you updated.

Next gig: SPIRITUAL FRONT plays The Smiths and Morrissey next Sunday, June, 25th, in Padova (Italy) at Anfiteatro del Venda.


Wave Gotik Treffen 2017 is now behind us. What an amazing weekend, what beautiful people and how great it was to meet good old friends there!
Friday night Simone Salvatori joined O.R.E. performance. There's always special chemistry when they are together. It's also became a traditio to sing together, when and where ever they meet.


On Saturday BLACK HEARTS IN BLACK SUITS performed at the Schauspiel Theater in Leipzig! Big thanks and a lot of love to Stefano Puri, Angelo Santisi, Giampiero and everybody who joined us! We are truly thankful for the beautiful evening together.

Thank you, WGT and Theater staff, for your warm hospitality, thank you to all our supporters for spending such a lovely time together, it was an intense and unforgettable night!

Special thanks for the videos to Rustblade records, franziskaevangelista23 and fish_hoffmann.
Autopsy of Love
No Forgiveness
another No Forgiveness


Simone shows his tatts

Simone Salvatori showed his tattoos to Reflection of Darkness-team.
Aside to a complete view to most of Simone's tattoos, you'll find out when the vocalist of Spiritual Front started getting tattooed, who are his tattoo-artists, hat meaning his tattoos have.

"I despise the mere display of style, the collection of perfect but useless tattoo, well done but without history or meaning. Of course, this is my personal point of view, and at the same time I’m conscious that not all tattoos must have a specific meaning, but the tattoos done just for being cool doesn’t work to me," - told Simone in the exclusive interview.
Read more at Reflections Of Darkness

Sofia and Bucharest concerts

SPIRITUAL FRONT thanks both, Bucharest and Sofia, for this intense and funny week end together! We are glad to see that The Church of Front is growing everywhere! We thank you for your support and intense love! Thanx to Live and Loud, Final Step and Control club for all the many things!!

Here is the report from Bucharest.

Special thanks to Mila Georgieva for the videos from Sofia!
Dear Lucifer
Bastard Angel
Children of the Black Light

See you next time! Check out the further gigs!


Spiritual Front plays The Smiths and Morrissey at NCN Festival on 8th of September.

The band first presented their tribute program on April, 1st in Tivoli. Since this idea have had a success among the fans, Spiritual Front is planning now to keep singing beloved songs. Next special shows will take a place on June, 25th in Padua (Italy) and on September, 8th at NCN Festival in Deutzen, near to Leipzig (Germany).
Don't miss other special events, like full time Armageddon Gigolo program. check out the shows section for more gigs.

Spiritual Front signs with Auerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions

Spiritual Front is proud to announce that the band is now signed with Prophecy Productions.
"Armageddon Gigolo" – Spiritual Front's breakout release – will soon be reissued by Auerbach/Prophecy on CD and for the first time ever on LP. The album was recorded with musicians from Ennio Morricone's orchestra and contains the immortal SF hits "Slave", "Bastard Angel", "Jesus Died In Las Vegas" and "I Walk the (Dead)Line".
"Amour Braque" is the next studio album, on which Spiritual Front is currently working. Conceptually described as 'a sincere and cruel analysis of what love/sex relations are, a path that switches between tenderness and rot', the record updates the band's dark folk, chamber pop with standout 60's vibes.
A special "Armageddon Gigolo" set will be performed by the band at Prophecy Fest 2017.

via Prophecy

Armageddon Gigolo reissue

Armageddon Gigolo will be re-issued later this year via Prophecy record. The album will be available in different formats.
More details soon.

Armageddon Gigolo was released back in 2006. It was the first studio album of the band. The album got high appreciation among the critics. Last year the band celebrated the 10th anniversary of the album by playing the complete tracklist live.

Disaffection videopremiere and the new interview

The premiere of the video "Disaffection" took place in St.-Petersburg on June 3rd during the interview with Simone Salvatori at the local radio-show. You can watch the video here.

The interview with Simone in Italian and Russian is available here. Simone was talking about the reasons of SF's success in Russia, his tattoos and many more.

Today's private solo show in Moscow is sold out. For the next gig check the dates.

Videopremiere and private solo show in Russia

'DISAFFECTION' video premiere is going to take place in St. Petersburg and Moscow this weekend.

As for the extra solo show in Moscow on 5th, the event will start with the projection of the cult movie 'Er Moretto' (Von Liebe leben, 1985) please contact to reserve your ticket!!!!!

The number of tickets is strictly limited to 99! The first 33 tickets will be given away to the first guests on June 4th before the Spiritual Front concert. The rest of the tickets are available at the entry of the venue.

Количество билетов на закрытое шоу 5 июня строго ограничено — 99 штук. Первые 33 билета вручат совершенно бесплатно 4го июня первым 33-м посетителям большого московского концерта Spiritual Front в клубе "Театръ", остальные 66 билетов будут доступны на входе клуба "Дич".

03.06 St. Petersburg (Russia) @ The Place/ full band
04.06 Moscow (Russia) @Teat/ full band
05.06 Moscow (Russia) @ Dich / Private Solo Show

New Interview in Russian

If you understand Russian, you are welcome to read the fresh interview for the Russian portal
Simone told the story behind "Vladimir Central", what's so fun about SPIRITUAL FRONT concerts and why it is so important to be ironical.
Don't miss the Russian concerts!
June 3rd - St.-Petersburg @Place,
June 4th - Moscow @Teatr
More gigs



SPIRITUAL FRONT was officially confirmed for AMPHI-Festival 2016. The fest will take part in Cologne, Germany on 23-24.07.2016.  
More information about the festival, tickets, venue and other bands here
More SF-gigs here

Armageddon Gigolo Celebration

The album "Armageddon Gigolo" was released ten years ago. To celebrate the round date SPIRITUAL FRONT is going play the full album live in Parma on November 12. Don't miss it!

Also don't hesitate to visit other gigs! This year SPIRITUAL FRONT comes to Greece, Russia, Germany, Portugal. More concerts will be announced, track them here.

Furthermore, the band doesn't lose itself in celebration of the past, the brand new album on its way. Stay tuned!


That's it. The US-tour as part of Runes and Men is over. It's been nine concerts over the USA. Simone appeared as solo and shared the stage with Death in June, Herr Lounge Corpse and Joy of Life.
Here are some impressions from the rest of this journey.


"Thank you Miro, Gary, Jeffrey, Dani, Davi and Douglas for the great days together to all the American fans who supported Runes and men across the States!!! I truly love you," - wrote Simone on the Spiritual Front FB-page

Simone in the US

Are you following Simone on his US-tour as part of the Runes and Men?
It's been already two shows, in Chicago and Austin. Today the bands are playing in New York. There is a long way ahead, don't miss the show in YOUR city!


And here are some inside-pics
Runes and Men are: Simone Salvatori, Death in June, Herr Lounge Corpse and Joy of Life.

AMPHI Festival 2016

Spiritual Front confirmed the band would play at AMPHI Festival next year, which takes place on July 24th.
As for the nearest concerts, tomorrow in Rome there is a rare chance to see Black Hearts in Black Suits live. The show takes place at the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS CENTRE SAINT LOUIS.
December 3rd Simone Salvatori takes off for the US-tour solo as part of the Runes and Men.
To catch Spiritual Front in your city check out the schedule

The North America tour

Here is North America December plan for Runes and Men attack (Simone Salvatori solo, Death in June/Herr Lounge Corpse and Joy of Life):

26.XI.15 - VANCOUVER, BC - Miro Snejdr - Herr Lounge Corps, and guests

30.XI.15 - QUEBEC, QC - Miro Snejdr - Herr Lounge Corps

3.XII.15 - CHICAGO, Il









More SPIRITUAL FRONT gigs here!

ODETE on big screen

"Odete" by Spiritual Front, the video directed by Paola Rotasso has been selected for Roma Videoclip XIII edition. Don't miss the chance to see one of the most sentual musical clips on a big screen!

News on 'Amour Braque' and new gigs

Now 'Amour Braque' has string. Thanks to the evil violin Andrea Ruggiero, who came to the SF-studio another night. "He's adding lovely tunes on some  songs", - Simone says.

Don't miss today's concert REGGIO CALABRIA (ITALY) and don't forget to check the other dates!
The US-tour has been added.

NEW SONG 'The abyss of heaven'

Here comes a demo of 'The abyss of heaven' from our upcoming album 'Amour braque'.
Some special friends joined us here like King Dude, Matt Howden (Sieben), Victor Love (Dopestars Inc.) and those beautiful Burlesque queens Grace Hall and Miss Vampfire.

For the next gigs, check the concert schedule.

German tour canceled

Bad news for the Spiritual front fans/supporters/friends and enemies. The German tour (Warsaw included) has officially been canceled. The tour, which was supposed to begin on Thursday from Berlin, is postponed later on this spring .There will be a new tour planned around Spiritual front new record to be released in 2016 and we apologize for any inconvenience.

PLEASE NOTE that only the German tour (Warsaw included) has been cancelled, the other gigs are confirmed! For nex gigs, please, check the shows

updated tour

Hello here comes an update about our tour...join the Front
17.09 Berlin, Death# Disco (Germany)
18.09 Leipzig, White Circles (Germany)
19.09 Warsaw, Progresja musiczone (Poland)
20.09 Dresden, Reithalle (Germany)
 21.09 Frankfurt (Main), Das Bett (Germany)
24.09 Esslingen, Dieselstrasse (Germany) 
25.09 Erlangen, Omega (Germany)
26.09 Hilden (Germany)
27.09 Bubapest (Hungary)
10.10 Torino (Italy)
22.01 Tel Aviv (Israel)
15.04 Langenstein (Germany)
03.06  St. Petersburg (Russia)
04.06  Moskow  (Russia)
05.06  Kiev  (Ukraine)

upcoming tour Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Russia and Ukraine

Hell.o folks, we'll be around in Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Russia and Ukraine, here comes some confirmed dates, more gigs will be added soon, very soon! for further infos feel free to contact us : Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.
17.09 Berlin, Death# Disco (Germany)
18.09 Leipzig, White Circles (Germany)
 20.09 Dresden, Reithalle (Germany)
 21.09 Frankfurt (Main), Das Bett (Germany)
24.09 Esslingen, Dieselstrasse (Germany) 
25.09 Erlangen, Omega (Germany)
26.09 Hilden (Germany)
27.09 Bupapest (Hungary)
10.10 Torino (Italy)
22.01 Tel Aviv (Israel)
03.06  St. Petersburg (Russia)
04.06  Moskow  (Russia)
05.06  Kiev  (Ukraine)


SF in Russia and Ukraine

SPIRITUAL FRONT are back to Russia and Ukraine!

It's been a while, but the next summer is going to be hot!

3 June - St. Petersburg
4 June - Moscow
5 June - Kiev


Armageddon Gigolo Day

It's been nine years since we've first heard "Armageddon Gigolo". 
With this significant album the new era of the SPIRITUAL FRONT started. Aside of Simone Salvatori there was the whole bunch of musicians working on the record. The music was composed by an amazing composer Stefano Puri. He recorded piano, keyboards and synth as well. Electronic and acoustic guitars were by Jack Puri. Andrea Freda was traditionally responsible for the drums and percussions. Let's not forget the additional beautiful instruments, performed by nusicians of the Ennio Morricone's orchestra.

The album contains the immortal hits "Slave", "Bastard Angel", "I Walk the (Dead)Line". No concert is possible without those beloved songs. And even "Ragged Bed" and "No Kisses on the Mouth" are still possible to hear live from time to time.
"It is rather a post-modern, but innovative, mixture of Acoustic Pop, Folk, Rock'n'Roll and Western, somehow anchored in Nick Cave's music or in Ennio Morricone's soundtracks, all veiled in a romantic and bizarre dimension!" wrote the critics (of the back then. "Armageddon Gigolo was a revolution and lead thousands of music lovers into their nihilistic temptation, bringing passion and sweet pain into our lives.

Let's remember what Simone said about the album himself right after it was released in 2006:
"I'm very satisfied about it...we worked hard...for a long time...i think it's my best album 'til now.... [...] "It represents the suicide mission of a lover. Me, you, every person in this world condmend to love. To need sex, flesh, cum. Liquid. Sex is armageddon. Passions are armageddon. The end of our liberty. [...] grew day after day. It grew with me... and inside the people who played in it. My first goal is to be honest with myself. Spiritual Front represnts me. I sing bout mylife. "AG" is what i am... what I was during that period. It's real music for real people."

Spiritual front in Paris

hell.o folks, I' ll perform as solo in Paris(France) on 10.07 at Bateau El Alame. Soon we' ll post the upcoming gigs.

New album

SPIRITUAL FRONT is working hard on their new album 'Amour braque'. More details will follow!

To rest from the tough work Simone goes to the lake. It seems to be a perfect place to chill, isn't it?

pic by Marco Soellner

Israel gig added

SPIRITUAL FRONT is going to play in Tel Aviv (Israel) on 22nd of January 2016. That will be a hot beginning of the new year, right?!

But why wait till January? The very next gig is on 10th July in Paris.


HD from Leipzig, 2014

Waiting for the upcoming shows of the Spiritual Front, you can find some of the really great quality videos from their past gigs. How about amazing memories from Leipzig last year?
SPIRITUAL FRONT at Runes and Men (Leipzig, October 2014)

The Shining Circle

Cold Love (in a cold coffin)

Darkroom Friendship

Song for the old Man


I Walk the (Dead)Line

Hey Boy



Vladimir Central

Bastard Angel

Very next gig:
10 July 2015 Paris - Bateau El Alamein (France)

Pics from gig in Parma

Here are some pics from the gig in Parma. The concert was on 30th May and took place in the venue called Titty Twister.
The pics are made by Sara Ferrari.

Don't miss the next gigs! The very next one comes on 10th July in Paris.

Fassbinder's birthday

Today's Rainer Werner Fassbinder's birthday. The great German director, writer and actor would turn 70 today. Fassbinder's motion pictures have a big impact on SPIRITUAL FRONT music. In fact without Fassbinder we could probably never hear of SPIRITUAL FRONT.

You can find a lot of links to his movies in SF-songs. Starting with the video-remake for the song "Sad almost a winner" finishing with the great longplay "Black Hearts in Black Suits", totally inspired and dedicated to Fassbinder. "I wrote the lyrics inspired by his characters, by his stories, even because in his movies you can always find some of your life," - said Simone about the "BHIBS"-interview.

Here's what Simone told about his passion for Fassbinder:

I confess, I've always been a big fan of cinema, I knew his works by name but I never went deeper cause I always thought he did…something like boring, gaunt kraut cinema, but I was wrong, his cinema changed my life definitely and my way to consider life and cinema too, it  was  another fundamental ‘starting point’  for SPIRITUAL FRONT.

The first movie I watched was ‘Querelle’, suggested by  I girl I usually dated that period, it was the first year of university, she told me ‘OMG, your attitude reminds me the Fassbinder movies, you should watch Querelle!’ I was impressed, she was so right, hahahaha.

My favorite films by Fassbinder are: ‘Querelle’, ‘Fox and his friends’, ‘One year with 13 moons’
I can find something of myself in many of his characters, he told us real, deep, intimate stories, we always can tragically find a little portion of ourselves in them...

About the Fassbinder's portrait-tattoo: "It was painful but it worth, I’m very proud of it, I wanted to dedicate part of my body to him, he gave me something special and I wanted to homage him."

One of the common theme between SF and Fassbinder's movies is the morbid relations between who control and who obey, especially in the love relationship, the sick relations that grow when 2 people start to need each other, and nothing change if you are the master of slave, we always need something where to lead our violence, frustrations, or even happiness or desire, this is our limit.

Fassbinder shows us how our nature is ridiculous and wretched, how our mean middle class fake ideals.

Talking about the relationships between Fassbinder and his muse Hanna Shygulla, "he found something of himself in her, it sounds absurd". "I always thought about it, she represented a sort of  highest femininity standard. They were the perfect combination, the perfect alchemy," - said Simone. However, "who’s the person could have a long term relationship with him? He was so severe, extreme, humoral, hard to deal with, he had many dark side, I can t blame her if she never told him about maternity, well, I’m pretty sure he was great man, but living with him, sounds so extreme. It’s hard to combine the lives of such artists like them. It could be a time bomb!"

Probably he put in his cinema all his anger, love and everything. If you read his biography you can notice his life was full of death, abandons, uncertain paths etc…I mean it does justify you from selfdestructive attitude, drug and alcohol addiction, but sometimes they could sound as an alibi. I just think he had a extreme will to live, to communicate, he couldn’t wait his senility he couldn’t wait any longer.

SF fanart

SPIRITUAL FRONT inspires and encourages people to create their own art. No matter if it is a cover song, a film, a music video, or a picture, it will always be appreciated. Fans all over the world keep presenting their stuff, inspired by SF music. And here are some of them.
Keep sending your beautiful art!

Aside to the records the live concerts inspire a lot. The unbelievable energy that comes from the band, when they are on the stage, gives live to the art-intensions even in those people who have never thought or have long forgotten of being creative.

The next concert of SPIRITUAL FRONT is already tomorrow in Parma, TwittyTwister (Italy).
After this Simone is going to play a solo-set in Paris, Bateau El Alamein (France) on 10th July. Fans in France have been waiting for this great news for a long time.

Paris new location and Italy

the very next gigs: Italy and France
30 may 2015 Parma, TwittyTwister (Italy)
10 july 2015 Paris, Bateau El Alamein(France)

Gigs in Italy and France

Don't miss the very next concets of SPIRITUAL FRONT! Plan your summer holidays and come to Italy or to France.

30 May - Parma, TwittyTwister (Italy)
10 July - Paris, Le pomme d Eve (France) solo with David Williams

find more information about the upcoming gigs in the shows-section.

Shows go on

The may Italian concerts are going on!
Today Spiritual Front plays in Lamezia, tomorrow - in Sarno.
Check out the further dates, don't miss the Front in your town!


Simone inspires film-makers

Big news for the SPIRITUAL FRONT fans who also are into cinema!
Paola Rotasso (the director of SF-videos "Odete" and "Dear Lucifer") finished the script for her first feature film. It is going to be a psychological thriller. The main male character was inspired by Simone H. Salvatori. Obviously, the soundtrack for the motion picture contains Spiritual Front songs.

We are totally thrilled and wish a lot of luck for Paola and hope to see the film soon on the big screens!

And while waiting for the release of the film, don't forget to check out the video section for the musical videos of SPIRITUAL FRONT!


Simone Salvatori, the mastermind of the SPIRITUAL FRONT, turns 40 today.
He is going to organize a celebration gang in his native town Rome among friends with some sweets, mini pizzas and champagne! And there will be for sure playing Charles Aznavour's "Yeasterday when I was young".

Tanti auguri, Simone!

Update for Greece

The accident with the cancelation of the concert in Athens made a huge impression on Spiritual Front. Any kind of deprivation of the free speech has no excuse! Spiritual Front played in many other countries, including eastern Europe, where there are a lot of problems with human rights, but never did the musicians had any troubles because of this.
And here is another statement about the Athens' accident:

"Athens deeper!! seems that all the accusations/blaming etc etc were addressed to other bands and people involved in the same greek event BUT not to Spiritual front! thank God this time stupidity flew over us. Nothing changes when it comes 'Free speech', nothing changes my opinion about those who spend their time being cocky behind a rusty pc sending senseless sentences around the world ruining other people lives (reputation, work, event or whatever), it's ridiculous and coward. Move your asses and show us your names and faces, idiot fuckin' wankers!!!!"

Athens (Greece) cancelled

Athens cancelled!!!
Apparently police has been advised by some blind minded, idiot groups of people about the advent of …ambiguous, malicious, evil studs like Spiritual front and co, seems that these people are scared about freedom of speech, about those who think different and the easiest and most courageous way was to not allow our show through miserable coercive ways, prevent us from opening our mouths make 'em fell better and safer!!!! I’m very sorry for our greek fans, I really hope we’ll meet soon again!


Take a look at the updates in the gigs-list. If you are in the city eternal Rome - then don't miss a chance to see the band in their native city on April 30! After the show in Athens the guys come back to Italy. Finally Simone comes to France and will play a solo show in Paris! This is not a whole-band show, but his solo-concerts are always special intimate shows with a chance to get to know what darkroom friendship really means.
In September SPIRITUAL FRONT attacks Germany! The band is going to play in five cities. The USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia will be added soon!

30 April 2015 - Rome 
1 May 2015 - Athens
15 May 2015 - Lamezia
16 May 2015 - Sarno
30 May 2015 - Parma
10 July 2015 - Paris, solo
18 September 2015 - Berlin
19 September 2015 - Leipzig
20 September 2015 - Prague
21 September 2015 - Frankfurt am Main 
24 September 2015 - Esslingen
26 September 2015 - Bochum
24 October 2015- London

For more information check out the shows-section.

Spiritual front perform Type o Negative

Hello boys and girls, we recently recorded an acoustic cover version of Type o Negative's 'Everything dies'. Take a look and enjoy

New interviews

There are great news for those of you who understand spanish and polish since the "Twin Horses" was greatly covered in a polish magazine. Read it if you can.

Simone is also to find on the cover of the Spanish magazine.

Don't forget to check out the Spiritual Front shows in your town. And if you still haven't seen it - turn on the recent video "Dear Lucifer". If you've seen it... watch it again!

Dear Lucifer video is out

The brand new video for the song "Dear Lucifer" is out!

The song appears on the current split-album of SPIRITUAL FRONT and LYDIA LUNCH "Twin Horses". The album is available as a CD and vynil in our shop. Enjoy the video and don't forget to order your copy!

SMS ringtone

We have something very special for you!
Take Spiritual Front with you and let everybody hear that gorgeous ringtone on your phone!

To download the ringtone click here , and then right click with your mouse and "save as...". And enjoy your new ringtone!

Gig in London,Dear Lucifer stream, pics from New Year Eve

Hell.o boys and girls,
This weekend we’ll be in London at the Garage club performing with Sieben and Daemonia Nymphe (see our gigs section for further news).
We also posted on Soundcloud ‘Dear Lucifer’ from the new split album with Lydia Lunch/Cypress Grove vs. Spiritual Front ‘Twin Horses’
‘Dear Lucifer’ stream on Soundcloud
Here comes a gallery from our latest gig at Circo Massimo in Rome for the new year’s eve.

More news soooooon!

Dear Lucifer Teaser

Hey boys and girls!
Hope, you had a great New Year party! This year will bring a lot of exciting stuff. And on the first day of the 2015 we'll tease you with the new video from Spiritual Front "Dear Lucifer". The song appears on the brand new split-album "Twin Horses" which you can order at this site. Enjoy!

"TWIN HORSES" available in our shop

The brand new LYDIA LUNCH AND CYPRESS GROVE and SPIRITUAL FRONT split-album "TWIN HORSES" is available in our shop now!
The sticker and the pin included.
Order YOUR "Twin Horses" now!


Spiritual Front invites you to celebrate the Black X-mas!
As a special present there is a new strictly limited eiditon of the vinyl "Black Hearts in Black Suits" with black cover.
There are only 69 copies. Each copy is hand numbered and signed by Simone Savatori and Stefano Puri.
The release contains a white vinyl 180 Gram, a bonus CD with 5 new songs, complete lyrics, a poster and a postcard.

1. Miserere
2. Life's too Long
3. Eternally yours
4. Petra
5. The only sin
6. No forgiveness

1. Pie Iesu
2. I just can't have nothing
3. I believe I was yours
4. Lysiane
5. Choose death
6. Each man kills the thing he loves

1. Nora
2. The only fault (instrumental version)
3. Remember if you can (voice and piano version)
4. Dona eis Domine
5. Every wild desire (instrumental version)
6. Few coins to shut my mouth (voice and strings version)


The new split-album with Lydia Lunch "Twin Horses" is out on 25th of December. And now it is time for the new video! Simone reported the shotting of the video for the song "Dear Lucifer" are over.

On this pic Simone with Corinna Cassani.

In the new video we'll have a chance to see the "bunny-girl" again! It's been 10 years after the release of "Satyriasis" and 8 years after "Armageddon Gigolo", as the bunny-girl appeared on the SF's covers.

New Year-gig

Don't know how to celebrate the New Year? Spiritual Front is playing on the New Year's Eve in Rome at Circo Massimo! Could it be any better?
Also don't miss the other shows this and the next year!
Attention! The UK gig with Rome next year was moved from December to October. Stay tuned!

gigs update

8 november 2014- Stockholm, Hartwickska Huset ( solo set) (Sweden) 21st november 2014- Istanbul, Peyote( solo set) (Turkey) 22 november 2014- Dresden,Bunker ( solo set) (Germany) 5 december 2014-Roma, Orion,Roma suona festival (Italy)W/ Pierpalo Capovilla 7 december 2014-London, Underworld (UK) with Death in june,Die weisse rose, herr corps lounge 10 december 2014-Bologna,Freakout( solo set) (Italy) w/ Death in June 11 december 2014-Foligno,Serendipity ( solo set) (Italy) w/ Death in June 12 december 2014-Bologna,Freakout ( solo set) (Italy) w/ Death in June 24 january 2015- London (UK) 27/28/29 march 2015 – Berlin,Astra Kulturhaus (Germany) Out of line festival W/ Laibach, Hocico 18 april 2015-Padova, Work In Progress club (Italy)w/ Calm and chaos 25 april 2015-Florence, Exenzia (Italy) W/ Sol invictus 24 december 2015- London nightmare before xmas , (UK) with Rome


Solo set in London on 7th December confirmed. Simone will share the stage with Death in June, Die Weisse Rose and Herr Lounge corps.

Don't miss other shows as well:
31 october 2014 - Barcelona, Salamandra (Spain), Nocturna festival w/ Grendel, Klangstabil
8 november 2014 - Stockholm, Hartwickska Huset (Sweden) (solo set)
21 november 2014 - Istanbul, Bar Rasputin live (Turkey) (solo set) 
22 november 2014 - Dresden, Bunker (Germany) (solo set)
5 december 2014 - Roma, Orion (Italy), Roma suona festival, w/ Pierpalo Capovilla
10 december 2014 - Bologna, Freakout (Italy), w/ Death in June
24 january 2015 - London (UK) w/ Rome
27/28/29 march 2015 - Berlin, Astra Kulturhaus (Germany), Out of Line festival, w/ Laibach, Hocico
18 april 2015 - Padova, Work In Progress club (Italy), w/ Calm and Chaos
25 april 2015 - Florence, Exenzia (Italy), w/ Sol invictus
24 december 2015 - London (UK), Nightmare Before Xmas, w/ Rome


The Cover-artwork of the upcoming split album by SPIRITUAL FRONT and LYDIA LUNCH & CYPRESS GROVE is published. The fantastic picture is done by Elena Bellato.

The release is planed for December 2014! There will be several versions: CD, LTD LP and LTD BAG. You can already reserve your copy e-mailing Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. !

Spiritual Front cooperates with Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove

LYDIA LUNCH & CYPRESS GROVE together with SPIRITUAL FRONT are working on a new collaboration album. "Twin Horses" will be released in December 2014.

Specially for this album Spiritual Front recorded an acoustic cover version of W.A.S.P.'s "L.O.V.E. Machine".

Stockholm and Rome gigs added

Spiritual front next gigs: Germany,Spain,Turkey,Sweden,Italy
4 october- Salerno, new Aeon festival(Italy)
17october 2014 – Leipzig Runes and men festival(Germany)
24 october 2014–Madrid,SGM festival, We rock (Spain)
31 october 2014- Barcelona, Nocturna festival,Salamandra (Spain)
8 november 2014- Stockholm, Hartwickska Huset ( solo set) (Sweden)
21st november 2014- Istanbul, Peyote( solo set) (Turkey)
22 november 2014- Dresden,Bunker ( solo set) (Germany)
5 december 2014-Roma, Orion,Roma suona festival (Italy)
27/28/20 march 2015 – Berlin,Astra Kulturhaus (Germany)

Spiritual Front auditioning pretty tattooed girls

Spiritual front stanno cercando ragazze carine e tatuate per il prossimo videoclip...(che sappiano ballare...almeno un po'!!). Se siete interessate mandate foto/video a: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Spiritual Front auditioning pretty tattooed girls (able to dance too) for the next videoclip. If you are interested, please send your pics/video: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Alt fest cancelled but new London date added

hell.o folk! UPDATE!!!!!!! England isn't lost at all, we'll perform at Sos festival in London.
15august 2014-London (UK) Electrowerkz,sos festival
4 october- Salerno (Italy) new Aeon festival
17october 2014 – Leipzig (Germany)Runes and men festival
24 october 2014–Madrid,SGM festival, We rock (Spain)
31 october 2014- Barcelona, Nocturna festival,Salamandra2 (Spain)
22 november 2014- Dresden,Bunker (Germany)(solo set)
27/28/20 march 2015 – Berlin,Astra Kulturhaus (Germany)

"Armageddon Gigolo'" back in town!

Hello.... finally Armageddon Gigolo' back in town... few copies available as 'Love, dark recollections set' Armageddon gigolò jewel case+ signed postacard+ Jesus died in Las Vegas black shopper+ sticker+ 2 Pins! 18€ Europe(shipping included) 25€(shipping included) Rest of the world. Paypal: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

questo week end

Ciao, questo week end saremo un po' più sud:

18 july 2014 – Campobasso , Villa Lydia (Italy)
19 july 2014 – Scauri (Rm,Italy)- Mary rock

Spiritual front next gigs and news

Hell.o boys n girls,
 After  finishing the first part of our tour in Russia,
 Ukraine, Poland, France, Italy and Belarus, our trip
 continues with:  Uk, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Germany

 21 june 2014 – Zagreb ,Jabuka club (Croatia)
 12 july2014 - Bologna – Cimitero monumentale (Italy)
 19 july 2014 – Scauri (Rm,Italy))- Mary rock
 15/17 august 2014 Alt fest (Boughton Estate, Kettering,UK)
 4 october- Salerno (Italy) new Aeon festival
 17october 2014 – Leipzig (Germany)Runes and men festival
 24 october 2014–Madrid,SGM festival, gothic week,We rock (Spain)
 31 october 2014- Barcelona, Salamandra (Spain)

 -    Our merchandise is still available on
 the new SF website (yes, we are still updating it;)

 -    Don’t forget to purchase our latest
 12” limited edition (only 200copies) screenprinted and signed
 ‘Vladimir central’

 -    Some copies of ‘Black hearts in black
 suits’ still available in our shop too, hurry up!!

 We are currently working on our new album ‘Amour
 braque’ and videos. Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!

 For further infos, feel free to contact us at: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.
 Nihilist kisses.

Spiritual front next gigs

Next Spiritual front gigs:
21 june 2014 – Zagreb, Jakuba club (Croatia)
12 july2014 - Bologna – Cimitero monumentale (Italy)performing 'black hearts in black suits' w/strings quartet
15/17 august 2014 Alt fest (Boughton Estate, Kettering,UK)
4 october2014- Salerno (Italy) new Aeon festival
17october 2014 – Leipzig (Germany)Runes and men festival
24 october 2014–Madrid (Spain)
...more gigs soon, stay tuned!!!

Mexico and Croatia

Hello to our mexican and croatian fans, unfortuntately Mexico city gig has been postponed in October. Zagreb (Croatia) gig is on 21th June. For further news please email us: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. . Thanx

Spiritual front back from the East!

I just want to thank all the wonderful Spiritual front supporters who joined our shows in Moskow, St. Petersburg, Odessa, Kharkov, Rome, Vilnius and Minsk during the past days for their ENDLESS LOVE, PASSION, ENCOURAGEMENT, KINDNESS AND SWEETNESS. Thank you for your presents, and for celebrating my birthday in such a lovely way!!! Grazie,грацие,дзякуй,ačiū!

upcoming shows

25 april2014 - Moscow (Russia) "Teatr"
26 april2014 - St. Petersburg (Russia) "DaDa"
27 april2014 - Odessa (Ukraine)
29 april2014 - Harkov (Ukraine)
02 may 2014 – Sarno (Italy)
03 may2014 –Rome(Italy) Amigdala/animal social club
9 may 2014 – Vilnius (Lithuania) Simone h. special B-day gig Cafeteria/bar "Balti drambliai"
10 may2014 - Vilnius (Lithuania) Akivarai
11 may2014 – Minsk (Belarus) Re public
31 may2014 – Mexico City-secret location (Mexico) (solo)
12 july2014 - Bologna – cimitero monumentale (Italy)
15/17 august 2014 Alt fest (Boughton Estate, Kettering,UK)
17october 2014 – Leipzig (Germany)Runes and men festival
24 october 2014–Madrid (Spain)
...more gigs will be added soon!!!!

Song for the old man opening for Dallas Buyers Club

Spiritual front 's 'Song for the old man' will be the official opening for the new Jean-Marc Vallée 'DALLAS BUYERS CLUB'
with Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto 

Dopo il grande successo ottenuto all’XI° Premio Roma Videoclip,
il videoclip degli Spiritual Front diretto da Carlo Roberti ed interpretato da Gianni Garko,
il mitico Sartana, sarà in testa al film di Jean-Marc Vallée sicuro trionfatore agli Oscar 2014
per le migliori interpretazioni maschili, che vede Matthew McConaughey nei panni di un cowboy razzista
e malato di AIDS suo malgrado costretto ad una bizzarra alleanza con il travestito
interpretato dalla rockstar Jared Leto.
Sabato 1 febbraio alle 22.00 l’attore Gianni Garko
il regista Carlo Roberti e Simone Salvatori, leader degli Spiritual Front,
incontreranno il pubblico in sala per illustrare l’iniziativa.

Preorder Open Wounds LP

Hi guys Pre orders open for Spiritual Front - Open Wounds LP,
first 50 copies come in a super limited silkscreen art edition,
signed by Simone Salvatori ,graphic design by Scarful
and hand-numbered by Alessandro Adriani from Mannequin Records.
Pre order your copy here:


A collaboration born of a long separation. Seven years after the highly acclaimed ARMAGEDDON GIGOLO, Simone Salvatori and Stefano Puri once again find their paths crossing.
BLACK HEARTS IN BLACK SUITS is the result of three years of work,
composed by Stefano Puri specifically for SPIRITUAL FRONT,
with Simone Salvatori lending his voice and interpretation (as intense and charismatic as ever) to the composer's music.
The poems of Reiner Werner Fassbinder are given new light as they materialize into musical form
as Stefano Puri sits at the piano and joins Simone Salvatori on a voyage of no return.
The SYMPOSIUM ENSEMBLE and the BLACK HEARTS CHOIR round out the endeavor.
The composer's writing - in one moment minimal and introspective, in the next dark and theatrical
- follows ancestral pathways along which the singers voice moves between intimacy and majesty,
between heavy chords and light harmonies, between airy string passages and obscure choral harmonies.
A concept album more akin to an opera than to the traditional LP, BLACK HEARTS IN BLACK SUITS
is a fascinating symphonic journey that takes us through the darkest nihilistic sides of both
the composer and the icon of "Suicide Pop".

From Franz Schubert to Nick Cave, Michael Nyman to David Tibet, from Arvo Pärt to Marc Almond... with no way back.
The album will be available in 4 different formats:
Digipack CD,Colored vinyl 299 copies with unreleased songs, Limited Box (299 copies) Contains:
2CD, Postcard, Sticker, Silver Heart Pendant, Black Velvet Bag.

Ultra Limited Deluxe Bag (Only 99 Copies!) Contains:
Limited Colored Vinyl , Limited Box, 2CD, Bonus CD, Postcard, Sticker, Silver Heart Pendant,
Poster, Black Velvet Bag, Certificate Of Authenticity.

Spiritual Front "Song for the old man" Official Videoclip IS OUT!!!!!!!!

Spiritual Front "Song for the old man" 
Starring Gianni Garko
Directed by Carlo Roberti
Written by Carlo Roberti, Marco Colassi and Gianni Garko
D.O.P.: Alessandro Leone
Camera assistant Francis J. D'Costa
Make-up Manlio Rocchetti Francesca Meli
with Simone H. Salvatori, Claudia Salvatori, Tommaso Maccari
produced by Solobuio Visual Factory -

Spiritual front new album! Open Wounds (lim. Hardback Book + 2CD)

Songs are like open wounds. Music can hurt. Can strike new wounds and tear up old ones. No one is more aware of this than „SIMONE HELLVIS“ SALVATORI.
His feverish music is a diary of his failures and triumphs, a deep scar running through his work.
He finds pleasure in the pain it causes him, sheds tears for the lust it evokes in him.
Like an Italian JOHNNY CASH, he clads his life in intimate ballads of becoming and withering, of sex and death.
SPIRITUAL FRONT is the Folk Noir crossbreed of ENNIO MORRICONE and NICK CAVE – Suicide Pop from a decadent otherworld.

Where secret passions are whispered into darkness, where dream and waking, intoxication and hangover dance closely, „Open Wounds“ feels at home: Morbid Mafia folklore for hedonistic self-destructors, murder ballads for decadent lotus-eaters.
Like a heavy red wine, SPIRITUAL FRONT‘s music gets better and better over the years – ever more exhilarating, ever more effective.
As if SIMONE SALVATORI had to reach a certain age to understand his music properly.
As if he had to accept that living means suffering. Now, the erotic enchantment of his masterpiece „Armageddon Gigolo“ is back.
On „Open Wounds“, it mates with delicate prowess and baffling arrangements that would invoke envy in every Mafia orchestra.

Sacred profoundness turns to sweaty sheets when SIMONE SALVATORI sings for his soul, when he trembles, hope, loves, suffers and lives.
The machismo and his guitar, joined by the orchestra - „Open Wounds“ is the epitome of Suicide Pop.
Sexy to the brim, sensual even in the face of certain death, full of whipping urgency.
To this, the bonus CD comes as a sharply acentuated contrast, uniting instrumentals, alternate versions and stunning reworks:
A calm and very moody view into the artistic life of this abyssic gigolo.
This second album is like the cuddling after the all-consuming act of love that is „Open Wounds“ - and SPIRITUAL FRONT is the lover
that disappears before dawn. Only a dream? The wounds tell a different story.

Limited 2CD Special Edition:

Double-CD in book format (appr. 14 x 21 cm)
Bonus-CD with 11 tracks
Hardback book with elaborate thread stitching
40-pages extra-booklet, precious artprint on high-quality paper
Strictly limited to 2,000 copies

Soulgambler, Hey Boy, Song For The Old Man, The Devourment Of The Will, Delation/I Live Through You,
Autopsy Of A Love, We Could Fail Again, Nectar On Your Lips, A Long Summer For The Dog Of Satan, Eucharist Of Sodomy

Autopsy Of A Denied Love, The Indulgent Waltz, Soulgambler Theme, The Bent Invocation,
Nectar Like Lips, Letter From Guyana, Hey Frail Boy, The Forth Summer, We Could Lie Again, Purple Cross House, Promise Like Bullet

CAT#/FORMAT: TRI 476 CD / CD only
EAN CODE: 4260063944765

RELEASE DATE: May, 3rd 2013


SPIRITUAL FRONT – Open Wounds (Limited Collector’s Set: Hardback Book + 2CD plus T-Shirt)
For the die-hard fans!
The new limited 2CD plus a wonderful t-shirt of the leading Suicide Pop band.

SPIRITUAL FRONT lettering, lovers and skull


White on black t-shirt

100% cotton

S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL

This item can be bought by pre-order ONLY until April, 15th 2013!

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