SF fanart

SPIRITUAL FRONT inspires and encourages people to create their own art. No matter if it is a cover song, a film, a music video, or a picture, it will always be appreciated. Fans all over the world keep presenting their stuff, inspired by SF music. And here are some of them.
Keep sending your beautiful art!

Aside to the records the live concerts inspire a lot. The unbelievable energy that comes from the band, when they are on the stage, gives live to the art-intensions even in those people who have never thought or have long forgotten of being creative.

The next concert of SPIRITUAL FRONT is already tomorrow in Parma, TwittyTwister (Italy).
After this Simone is going to play a solo-set in Paris, Bateau El Alamein (France) on 10th July. Fans in France have been waiting for this great news for a long time.